Kerala Lottery Result Today


Dated 24 March 2017

Karunya Plus Lottery KN 153

Dated 23 March 2017

Akshaya Lottery AK 285

Dated 22 March 2017

Akashya Lottery result

Last 30 days Kerala Lottery Results
Lottery Date Page Link
BHAGYANIDHI Lottery BN 282 24/3/2017 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 153 23/3/2017 View
Akshaya Lottery AK 285 22/3/2017 View
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS 47 21/3/2017 View
Win Win Lottery W 402 20/3/2017 View
POURNAMI Lottery RN 279 19/3/2017 View
Karunya Lottery KR 285 18/3/2017 View
BHAGYANIDHI Lottery BN 281 18/3/2017 View
Nirmal Lottery NR 12 17/3/2017 View
Summer Bumper 2017 17/3/2017 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 152 16/3/2017 View
Akshaya Lottery AK 284 15/3/2017 View
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS 46 14/3/2017 View
Win Win Lottery W 401 13/3/2017 View
POURNAMI Lottery RN 278 12/3/2017 View
Karunya Lottery KR 284 11/3/2017 View
BHAGYANIDHI Lottery BN 280 10/3/2017 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 151 9/3/2017 View
Akshaya Lottery AK 283 8/3/2017 View
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS 45 7/3/2017 View
Win Win Lottery W 400 6/3/2017 View
POURNAMI Lottery RN 277 5/3/2017 View
Karunya Lottery KR 283 4/3/2017 View
BHAGYANIDHI Lottery BN 279 3/3/2017 View
Nirmal Lottery NR 11 3/3/2017 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 150 2/3/2017 View
Akshaya Lottery AK 282 1/3/2017 View
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Find out Official Kerala lottery result Today from Keralalotteries, daily 3.30 PM Kerala Lottery results are published by lottery department of Kerala Lottery Government through official Lottery Medium keralalotteries. This website is has connection to Govt of Kerala or Lottery Department of Kerala. This website is only for promotional purposes. Once you win a kerala Lottery you can buy New Car, Jewellery, Phones, Bikes whatever you want without a home loan or personal loan.

Kerala Lottery Results publishing Lottery results daily at 3.30 PM Live and Official result at 4.30 pm, You can check the result through Various websites of Kerala Lottery Results. Today’s Kerala Lottery result is BHAGYANIDHI Lottery BN 282 on 24-3-2017, and yesterday’s lottery result is Karunya Plus Lottery KN 153 on 23-3-2017. You can also check kerala Government Gazette for winning ticket result confirmation.

Kerala Lottery result