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Kerala lottery result Live : 18.6.2018 Win Win Lottery W 465


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Kerala Lottery Results 18.06.2018
Today Lottery Result “Win Win Lottery W 465”
[Live result at 3.00 pm | Official Result at 3:50 pm]

ഇന്നത്തെ കേരളാ ഭാഗ്യക്കുറി നറുക്കെടുപ്പ് ഫലം

kerala lottery result

Win Win Lottery W 465

Dated 18 June 2018

Karunya Lottery KR 350

Dated 17 June 2018

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Dated 23 May 2018

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Summer Bumper 2018

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Lottery Date Page Link
Win Win Lottery W 465 18/6/2018 View
POURNAMI Lottery RN 344 17/6/2018 View
Karunya Lottery KR 350 16/6/2018 View
Nirmal Lottery NR 73 15/6/2018 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 217 14/6/2018 View
Akshaya Lottery AK 349 13/6/2018 View
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS 110 12/6/2018 View
Win Win Lottery W 464 11/6/2018 View
POURNAMI Lottery RN 343 10/6/2018 View
Karunya Lottery KR 349 9/6/2018 View
Nirmal Lottery NR 72 8/6/2018 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 216 7/6/2018 View
Akshaya Lottery AK 348 6/6/2018 View
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS 109 5/6/2018 View
Win Win Lottery W 463 4/6/2018 View
POURNAMI Lottery RN 342 3/6/2018 View
Karunya Lottery KR 348 2/6/2018 View
Nirmal Lottery NR 71 1/6/2018 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 215 31/5/2018 View
Akshaya Lottery AK 347 30/5/2018 View
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS 108 29/5/2018 View
Win Win Lottery W 462 28/5/2018 View
POURNAMI Lottery RN 341 27/5/2018 View
Karunya Lottery KR 347 26/5/2018 View
Nirmal Lottery NR 70 25/5/2018 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 214 24/5/2018 View
VISHU BUMPER 2018 BR 61 23/5/2018 View
Akshaya Lottery AK 346 23/5/2018 View
Sthree Sakthi Lottery SS 107 22/5/2018 View
Win Win Lottery W 461 21/5/2018 View
POURNAMI Lottery RN 340 20/5/2018 View
Karunya Lottery KR 346 19/5/2018 View
Nirmal Lottery NR 69 18/5/2018 View
Karunya Plus Lottery KN 213 17/5/2018 View
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Find out Official Kerala lottery result Today released from Keralalotteries, Kerala Lottery results Today Live updating Lottery results daily on 3.30 PM Kerala Lottery results are published by lottery department of Kerala Lottery Government through official Lottery Medium keralalotteries. This website is has connection to Govt of Kerala or Lottery Department of Kerala. This website is only for promotional purposes.

Daily Lottery Published are Pournami Lottery on Sunday(Njayar), Win Win Lottery on Monday(Thinkal), Sthree Sakthi Lottery publishing on Tuesday(Chovva), Akashya Lottery on every Wednesday(Budhan), Karunya Plus Lottery will publish on every Thursday’s(Vyazham), Nirmal Lottery on Friday’s(Velli), Karunya Lottery on every Saturday’s and Some Bumper Lottery as well Like Monsoon Bumper 2017, Vishu Bumper 2017, etc. The Prize structure of Kerala Lottery results revised and now all weekly publish lottery has a price of Rs: 30/- rupees. You can purchase Kerala Lottery from Lottery selling shops and from Lottery selling persons from across Kerala, India. You also need to surrender Winning lottery tickets to 1. Banks if the prize is larger than 5000 rupees, 2. otherwise you can collect your winning money from Locl lottery selling shops.

Kerala Lottery Results publishing Lottery results daily at 3.30 PM Live and Official result at 4 pm, You can check the result through websites of Kerala Lottery Results. kerala lottery result Win Win Lottery W 465 on 18-6-2018, kerala lottery result today and yesterdays Kerala Lottery results live is POURNAMI Lottery RN 344 on 17-6-2018. You can also check kerala Government Gazette for winning ticket result confirmation. Some people take lottery by guessing or by prediction of winning numbers.

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